Podcast Playl.ist is A Podcast About Podcasts and which to listen to.

Meet the hosts

  • Sarah Hutchins - Editor and Producer

    You can find Sarah at http://sarah-hutchins.com/

    Sarah Hutchins is a freelance writer and editor from Portland, Oregon and an English Instructor at Pioneer Pacific College.

    She earned a Masters in Fine Arts: Creative Writing from Antioch University and a Bachelors of Arts in English from Portland State University. Since 2012, she has been a regular contributor to The Portland Book Review. Her short stories have been included in publications such as 101 Words, NW Creative Arts Magazine, Oysters & Chocolate, and Up & Coming.

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  • David Kallison - Guest

    David Kallison is a writer in Austin, Texas. He contributes to The A.V. Club and BroJackson and co-hosts a comedy podcast, Age Gapwith his brother., and the podcast The Sound And The Story

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  • Yuvi Zalkow - Advisor

    Writer. Maker of poorly-animated videos at bit.ly/1NrE2Cb. Half-assed podcaster on @neurotictornado. My novel is reluctantly available.

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  • Brendan Hutchins - Host, Script Writer, Composer, Producer

    I'm a remodeler from Portland, Oregon. I listen to podcasts all day long, so I have some opinions on the good ones! I listen to about 25 pods a day and have over 170 subscriptions. 

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    Email your suggestions and requests to ThePodcastPlaylist@gmail.com. 

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