Podcast Playl.ist is A Podcast About Podcasts and which to listen to.

Please share your podcast story on twitter, I'm @ThePodPlaylist or record an audio message and email ThePodcastPlaylist@gmail.com. You can also leave a comment on the post at PodcastPlayl.ist and see the show notes. I can't respond to all feedback but I will read every one and some may be selected to be read or played on the show.

Podcast Playlist will cover one theme each season of the show in a short format, aiming for under 15 minutes, highlighting one podcast per episode that may interest you. For the first episode I'm breaking that format and just talking about S-Town, the spinoff of Serial and This American Life, and that should drop in 2 weeks. After that, my first season will cover politics. Look for that in about a month. 

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